Posted by: David Carlson | August 1, 2013

July 2013 Weather Summary for Little Marais, MN

Average max temperature was 70 degrees, min 50.  That’s cool.  We had five day when the max temperature was greater than 80 degrees, peak 87.   This past week was as cool as October, with several days in the 50’s all day.  Total precip 5.3 inches.  Most of that fell in three heavy thunderstorms.  We just missed an extremely heavy rainfall, when 6 inches fell at Cascade Lodge in one day, washed out a culvert and closed Highway 61 for awhile. 

The worst storm occurred on Saturday evening July 6, when frequent cloud-to-ground, cloud-to-water lightning struck Zion Lutheran Church in Finland, MN, exploded the kitchen, a total loss.  Almost simultaneous, lightning struck water in front of our boathouse, no damage, but so close the sound was a loud zap, not a boom.  We heard the boom from Finland seven miles away. 

We happened to be driving through a similar storm last Thursday, after viewing the Tall Ships parade into the Duluth Harbor.  On the Highway 61 Expressway near Knife River, about 15 miles northeast of Duluth, you could see the simultaneous cloud-to-ground lightning strikes spread across a five mile span.  One close strike in the hills above us had a ball of fire at the ground.  No reports of damage.

Below is a photo of the Norwegian Sorlandet (meaning southland) entering the Duluth Ship Canal.




  1. I love the picture of the sail boat. I have a fondness for lighthouses as well. Believe it or not, I have lived all my life on LI and never went to the east end to see our most famous lighthouse of them all. The one lighthouse I have been to was the Statue of Liberty and people do forget that.

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