Posted by: David Carlson | March 12, 2009

Republican Spam

I have commented on a few commercial blog postings about how I got on the Republican National committees email lists.  Here is one of the milder submissions, and I do respect Senator John Cornyn more than most.  For the most part, however, the Republican litany has been “Keep the pressure on”, opposing President Obama no matter what he says or accomplishes, no matter what cost in terms of job loss and homelessness.  Conservative and liberal media alike can be counted on to maintain the atmosphere of fear, casting doubt on the success of any effort, preferring to do nothing in this crisis.

In brief, I get these emails because the Republican National and state committees in Minnesota followed my father’s change of address to my home from his death records in 1999.  My father never used a computer, never had an email address.  He contributed regularly to Republican causes, and often manned phone banks in St. Paul soliciting funds.  When he failed to continue his contributions ( he died), I returned the first year’s worth of solicitations marked, “deceased”.  As time went on the solicitations became hideous, questioning his patriotism and loyalty to the U.S.  I have been marking the emails as Spam for several years, and thankfully, Yahoo! sends them to the Spam folder.

National Republican Senatorial Committee

Dear David,

Last night, after last week’s successful GOP-led efforts to temporarily stall its passage, the United States Senate has passed the bloated omnibus spending bill with its massive pricetag of $410 billion.

The passage of the omnibus marks the first time in history that discretionary spending surpasses the ONE TRILLION MARK, a full $21 billion over budget. The legislation includes 122 duplicate programs that are also funded by the $787 billion “stimulus” package recently signed into law.

Furthermore, despite last year’s campaign rhetoric pledging to eliminate wasteful earmarks, the omnibus contains more than 8,500 pet projects, totaling more than $7.7 billion. Even the liberal editorial board of The Washington Post criticized Obama’s lack of leadership on earmarks, saying he has “abdicated the bully pulpit when it comes to this measure.”

Republicans agree with candidate Barack Obama that Washington, D.C. needs to end its out-of-control spending habits. All across the country, hurting families are tightening their belts, and Congress should only be spending money wisely and prudently.

Last year, candidate Barack Obama – running on a platform of fiscal responsibility – promised to go even further than his opponent John McCain, claiming that he would take a “scalpel” to the federal budget.

Republicans stand ready and willing to work with President Obama to help fulfill this campaign pledge of eliminating wasteful government spending and bringing transparency and accountability to the process. Unfortunately for the American taxpayer, President Obama’s recent actions suggest that he has acquiesced to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid’s spending agenda.

With just slightly more than 40 Republican votes in the Senate, it will be a fight these next two years to curb the reckless tax-and-spending championed by Harry Reid and his liberal allies.

You can be sure that Senate Republicans will do everything in their power to ensure that the government spends your tax dollars responsibly.

John Cornyn
Senator John Cornyn
National Republican Senatorial Committee


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