Posted by: David Carlson | March 12, 2009

More Things – Nbr 27 Twitter

I had accomplished many of the Twitter things long before I joined More Things.
Several of the new things I use I can thank Linda Wadman for leading the way from Twitter itself. Most useful has been Power Twitter. Interesting, but put aside after a short trial, Tweet Deck.

Yesterday I tried a few Twitbacks, sent one directly and automatically to Twitter while Twitter itself was down. Not really impressed with the result, but I’ll keep it.
As for the Twitter group feature, I see facebook announced the same “new” approach. I think the Ning social network designed specifically for Library professionals is a better way, but you could do both.

My use of Twitter concentrates on friends I know in real life, who have interesting commercial blogs and websites. I keep one out there for the Organic Consumers Association, whose national mailing address is Finland, MN, and I know some people there. The commercial feed from OCA easily filled the screen with updates every few minutes, so I narrowed it down; how, I don’t remember. I prefer Google Reader for following such large-scale feeds.

One Thing that did not work on my WordPress blogs was a commercial Gravatar site, which failed during account set up, saying was already taken. Not likely.


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