Posted by: David Carlson | March 8, 2009

More Things Nbr 26 – Ning

I joined Ning, filled out a unique profile (compared to my other profiles), and made a link to Facebook. I didn’t know how to get a “page” on facebook otherwise.

Ning looks really promising. One spin-off I’m considering with various website and blog possibilities is a marketable Weather Service for the North Shore of Lake Superior. Ning looks to be an easy way to get started and practice with tools.

This morning I got one of those annoying notifications from PBwiki that More Things Nbr 29 had been updated. Kathy Lasley made an interesting comment, and I wanted to reply. I couldn’t find her anywhere as a participant in More Things. The search functions on PBwiki and Ning don’t find her by name. The only clue was her email address is on a Nett Lake school account. I replied to that address.

A few minutes later I came back to my own blog and saw that I have a sixth follower, Kathy. Her blog is “Sticking 23 Things”. I like it.

Do we have a directory of users, blog names, and email addresses?



  1. Part of the original things popularity was due the the ability to remain anonymous if the person chose to do we really don’t have a directory of participants. Some are getting more comfortable with allowing more info out and making it easier to communicate with them. Others are still not ready to do so. We thought having the Ning earlier this time might help facilitate communication.

  2. Couple of ways to find me: on the more things page, it lists the areas around the state. Mine is listed under NCLC as Sticking 23 things. The url is: . I had a hard time trying to figure out if I should click “public” with that or not! As far as Google Health, on the same “more thing” page, thing#29 (I think), there is a link to it there. Or, I am thinking that if you just google “google gadgets” you would find it listed there. I didn’t follow thru on Google Health. To me, that is a lot of personal info “out there” – whether I am managing it or not!!! I took the somewhat more mild way out by setting up a calendar!

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