Posted by: David Carlson | March 6, 2009

More Things – Nbr 24 – Getting Ahead

I realize my posts under Nbr 24 get into later numbered tasks. I feel I have more to do getting what I want to show permanently.

Today, I used tinyurl to put a set of useful Weather Links into my sidebar. I have credentials as certified Meteorologist, a graduate certificate from Oklahoma University. The American Meteorological Society (AMS) seal is what our TV weather personalities should display when they claim to be certified. I’m not that. The only thing available when I was an Air Force Weather Officer reporting on AFRTS TV was a simple graphic title on screen and my recorded voice.

The first item in the Weather Links announces a big storm coming next Tuesday, March 10. That link is not dynamic. I have to be vigilant to keep those announcement current. The other weather links are dynamic; they change whenever NOAA updates their sites.

My profile photo yesterday linked to my Picasa url. Who knows why it failed this morning? I went back to a static photo upload from my PC.

I struggled with attempts to change to a new blog template. Not even my current template is listed under the blogger layout Pick a new Template tab. I see some good ones in use by other participants in More Things. The few links provided “for the curious” I probably didn’t give enough time, but I did not find what I wanted, a 3-column layout that preserves existing gadgets. Thank goodness saving the current layout as a file on my PC worked as it should.



  1. I found that in order to preserve gadgets in the sidebar, I had to save each of them and then restore them individually. Gadgets in the main post area were saved automatically. I couldn’t seem to find anything that allowed automatic saving of all gadgets in Blogger blogs. If you do find it’s possible, please share.

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