Posted by: David Carlson | February 27, 2009

Minor Things

Finally got to read my gmail inbox. Password remained as I had set it, but wasn’t accepted for several days. Funny, since I could get right into Blogger with the same gmail account settings. Same thing on Twitter. Couldn’t see Cheryl Kay’s Twitter gadget until this morning.
Anyway, I found several useful email messages from active Things participants.

One new item on this Taurus ID sidebar is a link to They are looking for participants, and promotion on our blogs. Think about it. At least the concept of library professionals committed to learning useful web tools would be helpful to conflicted managers in the public service arena.

I have been applying minor changes to both of my blogs, based on experiences posted by others. I’m not seeing an increase in followers on either blog.

Tinyurl is the most promising of the new tools. I used it to redirect and shorten some url’s of interest. The links I show on my sidebars under Blogs and More now have meaningful titles, giving the name of the blogger, suggesting what the content is.



  1. The gmail thing is kind of odd, unless it coincidentally hit during the time gmail was experiencing difficulties. They were down for a few hours, so probably had a backlog once back up.

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