Posted by: David Carlson | February 23, 2009

Organizing and Following More Things

I’m impressed! It took me an hour to click on each NCLC blog, and list myself as a follower of anyone who had posted on More Things in the past month. Some bloggers are really active. Everyone but me is a librarian; I’m married to one.

I had more password problems. I failed to write new ones down, am using my wife’s laptop pc while we’re in Florida, so the passwords Firefox saved are on my pc at home.

One mystery to me is the time delay in activating and updating gadgets. I put a slideshow link on my sidebars to Flickr yesterday in blogspot and WordPress, and only 3 of 14 slides appeared. This morning all 14 of them appeared. I changed nothing.



  1. Sometimes an application has issues; one of the wonders of technology bits and bytes. Everyone so often my Flickr badge says no such photos, but I know they’re still there. One slide show I did had one photo that wasn’t in my photostream show up irregularly; never did figure that one out, but it is disconcerting.

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