Posted by: David Carlson | February 18, 2009

Dave’s 23 Things preview

I registered “Dave’s Taurus ID” as my blog for More Things on a Stick before I read the instructions. My blog name does not say Things. Look around my preexisting blog posts to find the astrological meaning, and more things about me than the About Me button can hold. I will follow the instruction not to register more than one blog for More Things.

Quickly browsing 23 Things was not quick. ABC Evening News in the background was too interesting to concentrate. Among the many tasks mentioned was Productivity Tools, which I have used in the context of blogs and other social networking applications. Most important was the Power Writing newsletter by Daphne Gray-Grant. See
Staying focused and keeping my posts brief can be a challenge.

Concurrent with the invitation to Join Many Things, the Minnesota History Center Volunteer staff sent an email meant for museum professionals. It would be a stretch to include myself in such a group, so I did not contribute to the discussion about Social Networking as part of the job. Managers and supervisors remain conflicted about the time spent at work doing what we are doing in this learning program.

The concern is valid. My part of tax preparation has to be finished tomorrow, so I can hand the package off to our accountant on Friday. Also a priority tomorrow is my fourth of four classes teaching 5th graders as a volunteer for the Masterpiece Arts Program in Silver Bay.

Writing blogs deserves priority. Learning about new tools is exactly what I had in mind when I started. I said that in my list of priorities for 2009, another blog post. Years ago I took classes offered at 3M from Franklin-Covey, and I still use those productivity tools, beginning with daily prioritizing and putting my personal growth at the top of the list.


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