Posted by: David Carlson | February 17, 2009

More Things on a Stick

More Things on a Stick began a second round of a popular learning program on January 20, promoted by Minnesota Multicounty Multitype Library Systems. My wife, who chairs the Silver Bay Library Board, brought home a flier about it today. I have two days to register.

The first round encouraged library staff to learn about and experiment with Web 2.0 tools. The second round opens the experience to others.

My first test encountered a possible hijack of my registration form by At least the registration instructions, FAQ, and generous getting started information did not mention SurveyMonkey as a step in the registration process. Another step requires access to an account on Again, there was no indication that wiki got through to my gmail account. Maybe this is an intelligence test, like being dropped in Midtown Manhattan without a clue about expectations. Just see what comes next always spurs me onward.

One thing I learned from the registration process itself is my Silver Bay Public Library belongs to the NCLC Multitype region.



  1. SurveyMonkey did not hijack my registration. I received confirmation from wiki as well, and several encouraging emails from Metronet and NCLC.

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