Posted by: David Carlson | February 1, 2009

Astrology and superstition

Mercury turned direct today, Feb. 1, 2009.

When Mercury goes retrograde, all kinds of cautions are posted on astrological services.  Don’t sign anything.  Communications will go bad. Backup your hard disk.  If  anything goes wrong with your electronic devices, it must be due to Mercury retrograde.  Don’t plan a trip or go on a trip. If Mercury is in Gemini, there will be problems with short trips.  If Mercury is in Sagittarius, long trips will be a problem. Any angular aspect between Mercury and Mars is bad, resulting in such things as a speeding ticket or a heated argument.

There is plenty of evidence to support the bad things that happen when Mercury is retrograde, but I wonder if we are predisposed to make such things happen.  A few months ago, my wife read or heard somewhere that we should always put on our right shoe first, else there will be an argument. Now I pause and think about what shoe I’m putting on first.  Likewise, if I’m wearing a new tie, I will spill soup on it.  A white shirt is sure to be met with a serving of spaghetti.

I enjoy reading predictive astrological advice. is one of my favorite websites.  I try to avoid making predictions based on astrology, but have plenty of software tools to do so.

Mercury was retrograde while Congress was debating the latest economic stimulus bill.  Forget the partisan vote in the House,  the bill will be passed this week, because Mercury has gone direct. But wait! Saturn and Uranus are opposite each other most of this year.  They were exactly opposite on Nov. 4 when President Obama was elected.  They will be exactly opposite again this coming Thursday.  Conservatives and liberals will be at odds.  Saturn teaches tough lessons, so watch out in late October, when Saturn leaves Virgo, where the hard lessons have been about jobs and obeying the letter of the law.  When Saturn spends the next several years in Libra, partisanship will not work, and achieving unity in diversity will be demanded.

Like my predictive opinions?  Have your expectations changed?  Did I say anything that you couldn’t figure out on your own as results of natural consequences?


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