Posted by: David Carlson | January 29, 2009

Taurus ID

About me.

Take my astrological sun sign Taurus as a starting point.  My Taurus id truly is the self-centered ego.  It hasn’t advanced much from the impulsive Aries.  I like the Ally McBeal line as the Aries id, “It’s all about you.  And, it’s always all about you”.  I think “Dave’s World” fits the bill for my Taurus id. I am a being immersed in all of Creation, all the worlds of God. Instinct drives me to love, establish security, know my natural environment, and acquire resources of all kinds.  My understanding of Taurus is these instinctive attributes belong to the ruler of the sign, Venus.  Further, my natal Sun located in Taurus makes these instinctive qualities fundamentally important.

My Ascendant is less than three degrees from my Sun in Taurus.  Not only do I know that Taurus instinctive qualities are important, but I’m sure that’s my identdavenatity and I act accordingly.  What you see is what you get.

As I mentioned in an earlier posting in the Astrology category, I take the entire horoscope wheel as symbolizing my total personality.  There are too many interrelationships in a horoscope to judge any interpretation of the whole as a completely reliable analysis.  The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

My interpretation is that there are strong influences in my chart from objects in Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and Libra.  Venus, the ruler of Taurus, is located in Gemini in my chart. I won’t conclude anything about possible Gemini qualities without also mentioning that Venus is sextile to Pluto, Mars, and the Moon in Leo.  Those three objects are so close together in Leo in my chart, they act like a power center. The Sun rules Leo. Ego becomes more important, and wants to show off in public.  My understanding of Gemini qualities includes data gathering, asking questions and seeking answers, and seriously studying alternatives. Venus in Gemini becomes very opportunistic because of the sextile aspects to the Leo influence.  Choices will be made or not made based on the other-worldly knowledge provided by my eternal soul (Pluto), the Mars willfulness to act anyway, and deep feelings provided by the Moon.  Neptune in Libra is sextile to my power center in Leo, and trine to Venus in Gemini.  Neptune provides hidden, intuitive knowledge buried in the unconscious. The sextile apect to Leo influences any decision making. The trine aspect to Venus in Gemini is an easy aspect, which means opportunities likely will not be missed. I likely will act intuitively.

Jupiter is in Libra in my chart. Venus rules Taurus and Libra.  What direction does the Jupiter-Venus influence move?  Libra provides balance, and a desire to achieve unity in diversity.  I like to think Venus and Jupiter work well together, bringing instinctive creative powers to the creative conscious mind.  Jupiter provides qualities such as balance, beauty, bounty, and perfection needed and appreciated by Venus in Gemini.

Saturn is in Cancer in my chart.  Always look for the malefic and sinister where Saturn is. Saturn and Jupiter are 90 degrees apart, a square aspect, a hard aspect.  How can I not think this is bad?  Two mythical gods are creating barriers against each other.  Saturn represents Satan, which I understand as the satanic- self, not the personification of the Evil One, but myself rejecting the One, True God.

More to come on the interrelatedness of nearly every object in my horoscope.


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