Posted by: David Carlson | January 25, 2009

25 things about me

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1. Our move to Little Marais in April 2001 was the best move we ever made.

2. The first photo of me on the North Shore of Lake Superior was August 1946 in a fishing boat with my dad.

3. My second favorite home was in the village of Praia da Vitorria, Terceira, Azores, Portugal.

4. “I could live in France for a month without worrying about money” (what movie did that quote come from?), I would do that every fall. Tough choice between Cannes and Avignon.

5. One of the toughest choices on becoming a Baha’i in 1973 was complying with the law requiring total abstinence from alcohol, while living on an island in the Azores where some of the best wine in the world cost ten cents per liter, from a farmer who lived just up the block.

6. The next hardest thing to learn as a Baha’i is has been to comply with “avoid partisanship like the plague”, and engage the process for effective political action.

7. I started smoking a pipe while in the Azores, because the grizzled old Portuguese weathermen working with me looked too cool. One of the men carved a pipe for me out of a whale tooth.

8. I started oil painting while in the Azores. My transformation to “serious” artist resulted from a “Visual Journaling” workshop at the Grand Portage, Minnesota Trail Center, led by Hazel Belvo.

9. I played cornet from fourth grade through high school. I hardly touched the instrument after that, and finally donated it to a New Orleans relief effort supporting fine arts for youth, after Hurricane Katrina. I couldn’t get a buzz out of it anyway.

10. My appreciation for a wide variety of good music dates from those early years in school band. I listened to rock, classical, and jazz on the radio as a preteen. I began collecting LP’s in the 50’s, and continued collecting every format change since; reel-to-reel, 8 track, cassettes, CD’s, and iTunes downloads.

11. My dad had a good Firestone multi-band radio, including shortwave. My earliest obsession was listening late at night to clear channel AM stations and international shortwave broadcasts. I logged hundreds of call letters. I’ve never been without a good radio.

12. When I visit a new place, I drive around the city, walk the downtown streets, and explore the natural surroundings. If public transportation is available, I ride the El, the Tube, or the buses to see where they go.

13. I prefer the wilderness, but I get along in the big cities too. I could live in Chicago, certain LA neighborhoods, Pasadena, Santa Monica, Santa Barbara, but I would have to get out of town frequently.

14. As a weatherman, I quickly learn how to analyze and forecast the weather where I live. 90 percent accuracy was expected in Wichita Falls. 70 percent was the best we could do in the Azores, because satellite and digital forecasting was primitive in ,the middle of the Atlantic in the 70’s. On the North Shore of Lake Superior it’s a joke to say you can forecast, but I try.

15. Self-reliance always has been a priority. Today it means I wish I had solar power and some other alternative to the Cooperative power grid. Today, because we are faced with a serious two-day ice storm (Feb 9-10, 2009).

16. My dad was a master gardener. I have failed at every attempt at gardening in Little Marais, but practice Finnish sisu. ( I am Finnish only in my imagined common heritage).

17. I won’t sing solo or duet, because my first experience was with my sister and I standing in front of Santa Claus, and making a ridiculous recording of Silent Night. I enjoyed singing in a choir.

18. Social networking is much more than a passing fad. I must be an active part of this rapid, massive, global change.

19. Social networking and blogging are the next phase in developing myself as a user of computer-related technology. The first phase started in 1965. The shock and awe phase was on a tour of 3M computer facilities in 1963, ten years before I knew I could work there.

20. My spiritual awakening as a child was while lying on bedrock crisscrossed with veins of quartzite, a star-filled night, feeling the music of the spheres, somewhere near where I live now.

21. I have experienced ongoing spiritual and personal transformations. Two were of the born-again kind. Common to all transformations was the sense that I must.

22. I wonder about the “I must”. I view my self as a created natural and spiritual being. The only limitations imposed by “I must” are physical, or self-imposed.

23. Aurora borealis has been a symbolic blessing meant for me (with Denise sometimes). The appearance of a bald eagle along the shore does the same. A pure white snow goose swam by the morning after my father died.

24. I adopted one practice from the Celestine Prophecy. Watch for someone every day who has something for me, and I in turn have something for them. Watch for opportunities.

25. “Be anxiously concerned with the needs of the age you live in”, is a Baha’i practice I encourage everyone to follow.


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