Posted by: David Carlson | January 21, 2009

Partly Dave

I need a new ID.  A friend posted a YouTube video today, and I decided to create a YouTube account.  partlydave was already taken as a username! How can that be?

Here’s the result of my Google search  “partlydave”, Partly Dave the Rockband, website:  Not my favorite kind of music, but someone may buy it.

Partly Dave was my identity as a  graduate student in Meteorological Engineering at Oklahoma University in 1969. Mostly Dave was another graduate student in the same program. Weather forecasting and analysis remains one of my serious passions.



  1. Hi partlydave,

    Sorry we stepped on the use of the moniker. Similarly, we’ve found that we were late to claim it, too. (For instance, the “Partly Dave Show” in Chicago came to the handle long before we did…and of course the whole thing is originally copyrighted in John Lennon’s book.) Everyone’s been very kind about it, however. And we don’t mind, either. It’s a good name.

    As for our music, well, to each his (or her) own…but yes, it’s done very well for us. Being the band’s composer, I can say “someone” has been buying it. We must be doing something right. (If people are interested in forming their own opinions, is a good place to hear it. Not everyone likes melodic, catchy, 1960s-ish guitar pop…but The Kinks did OK.)

    Best wishes to you in your online writing endeavors,

    Partly Dave
    The Rock Band

  2. Thanks for the response. Now I’m impressed with wordpress, and the link to my email on, which I intend to be so obscure that only messages I want to get appear there.

    As for your style of rock, it’s not that I do not like it. We have several cd’s recorded by friends who struggled to get started, performing in Twin Cities bars that we wouldn’t have dared to enter if not for their friendship.
    My comment about favorites was meant for Laura Harley, who has recorded several albums, and she struggled to get started. She and her husband recorded cuts much like yours, but more often she does a sweet, poetic solo. Her YouTube video was about her real job as a life coach, coaching relationships. See for her newest work.

    See if you can find the Picadors “Pretty Penny”, a Minneapolis group we supported over twenty years ago, because one member of the band was the brother of my wife’s coworker. Your sound reminds me of theirs.

    I’m glad you opened two cuts to hear on your website.

    Dave Carlson

  3. welcome, again, to the blogworld, Dad. i haven’t had time to explore wordpress yet and shouldn’t do it now… i’m distracted enough from my real work. but, i will take a look around soon!

  4. Take a look at blogspot too. It is easier to use, has optional font sizes and styles, which don’t see on wordpress without knowing html code. There are fewer customizable features on blogspot.
    Did I mention, and the free weekly newsletters by Daphne Gray-Grant?

  5. I changed the name of my blog on blogspot to Taurus ID. The website still reads

    I do not drive a Ford.

  6. My wife bought Own Up, by Partly Dave the Rock Band, as a Valentine gift for me. Great rock in surround sound. Great bass thanks partly to Dave.

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