Posted by: David Carlson | January 18, 2009

My Astrological Practice

beard-redshirtI have been practicing astrological analysis for about twenty years. I have not attempted certification. I do not care to charge for my services.
My astrological education is most informal, although I count one professional mentor among my best friends.

I attended a conference in Minneapolis a couple of years ago, the National Council for Geocosmic Research.
As result of one workshop that inspired me, I subscribe to investment advice published monthly, AstroEconomics.  I also attended sessions that convinced me
to stay out of the pseudo-religious and partisan political arenas, where some of the celebrity names among professional astrologers hang out.

Another arena I am reluctant to enter is astrological counseling. Having done that for close friends and relatives, and being very conscious of confidentiality,  it’s still too easy for friends to forget what they told to whom in confidence. Word gets around the community.

As for religion, I am a Baha’i. For some Baha’is, astrology should be avoided. “It’s pure imagination” is a miss-quote from the Baha’i Writings used against astrology. There is much to be gained from the Baha’i Writings with some astrological background.  Clearly, the mystical/esoteric teachings are meant to reveal a spiritual reality beyond human conception.  It’s too easy to turn astrology into superstition.  I’m a Baha’i who practices astrological analysis. Don’t label it Baha’i astrology.

“Pure imagination”? Yes, use your imagination. Astrological analysis is one way to use your imagination.

Synchronicity as I understand it from reading Carl Jung is close to what I think astrological influence is.  There is no logical reason why the sayings of the sages, the mundane conditions of a point in time, and the interpretation of transits to objects in my natal astrological chart are so profoundly accurate.

What astrological sages?  As old as the Vedic traditions, as old as the Western/Babylonian historical basis,  as broad as the mythological Greek and Roman attributes of the gods.  Did the astrologer to Queen Elizabeth I corrupt the system?  Do Jung’s copious studies of astrological analysis in the context of abnormal psychology put a negative slant on every interpretation?   I like the basis of chart interpretation to consider the entire  horoscope wheel as representing an individual’s whole personality.   I also like Dane Rudhyar’s Sabien Symbols assigned to every degree of the wheel.  What a project!

Belief? I believe in meaningful coincidences, but I also believe that there is no such thing as coincidence.
There are natural consequences of any action, whether it’s my action by choice, or a mundane (global condition) in which I’m caught up.
Chaos can be cleared up if your vision is broad enough. The Living Word of God is too far beyond conception for me to have vision broad enough to see beyond chaos.


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