Posted by: David Carlson | January 2, 2009

Thoughts about the Year 2009

1. My wish for 2009 is rapid recovery from every crisis.
2. President Obama’s inauguration can’t come soon enough. Thankfully, his strong leadership already is effective. His complete cabinet selections and White House Staff assignments were made earlier than any other President-elect. There still is serious partisan opposition, but he has done what he can to take charge on Day One.
3. The lame duck activities of President Bush are disturbing. It’s like a scorched-earth policy. What seems like necessary government “bailout” may turn out to be a scheme of corruption designed to reward a select few very wealthy individuals. It has been a pattern throughout the Bush Administration to put the economic squeeze on the most impoverished and middle classes for narrow, extreme political purposes. President Obama may have to use executive priviledge to stop the damage.
4. President Obama has world opinion in support. His detractors will second-guess every statement and action.
5. Economic chaos is global. Isolationists and protectionists already are promoting interests that would lead to total collapse, and it would take a generation to recover. Depression mentality is noticeable in ourselves, mostly a positive adjustment of priorities, accompanied by active support in our communities of interest.
6. My belief is that the Hand of God actively makes global change. Some is obvious. The outcome is not obvious. Some of the most painful adjustments are natural consequences of rejecting the Creative Word of God, and the current specific directive to promote the unification of mankind. National and religious leadership is responsible for the suffering of millions, and for working in unity of thought and action. The forces of extreme fanaticism are losing the battle, but causing great damage to the whole planet.

My interest and priorities.
1. Teach the Baha’i Faith.
A. Devotional gatherings and home visits with friends. Expand to others.
B. Studies circles with clusters of friends in Ely, and in our home.
C. Support intensive growth programs: Rebecca, Sean, and Kari.
D. Support National Baha’i Fund.
E. Teach in the natural course of conversation.
F. Daily prayer, scripture reading, and meditation.

2. Personal Art
A. More oil painting.
B. More photographic projects.
C. More drawing/sketching.
D. Completion of the Carlson Family DVD.
E. Priority to Masterpiece Arts Program, Mr. Tom Frericks 5th grade class in Silver Bay.
F. Develop relationships with friends at Grand Marais Art Colony.
G. Develop relationships with friends at Grand Portage.

3. Social networking
A. Creative blog work.
B. Explore Facebook applications.
C. Extend Facebook friendships.

4. Work
A. Support Denise’s book indexing projects.
B. Return to Split Rock Historic Site as Interpreter.
C. Assist Wayne and Jennifer at Spirit of Gitche Gumi B&B, Gift Shop, Coffee Shop.

5. Fun
A. Twins Spring Training, trip to Sanibel Island, FL, end of February.
B. Cross country skiing
C. Ice fishing
D. Snowshoeing
E. Hiking
F. Canoeing
H. Scrabble Night

6. Family visits
A. Diane and Clyde Ekar
B. Cheryl Barrows
C. Lucille Gust
D. Kathy and Lester Carlson
E. Karen and Jerry Danielson
F. Nancy Warner


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