Posted by: David Carlson | December 29, 2008

Year 2008 review

Here are my listings for 2008 as I record them in my personal journal.

Three stories top my list.
1. Our Pilgrimage to the Baha’i World Center in March.
2. Barack Obama elected President
3. My daughter Rebecca’s appearance on Jeopardy.

The bad news list
1. Global economic chaos
2. Our retirement investments took a hit ranging from 35-50% on various funds.
3. Major earthquake in China kills many thousands
4. Galveston, Texas area still has not recovered from Hurricane Oscar.
5. The major storm track from the southwest to the northeast across the U.S. pounded the same path of destruction over and over; tornadoes, floods, ice and snow storms.
6. Millions of Americans have lost their homes due to corruption and collapse of the financial markets.
7. Millions more are losing jobs.
8. Political corruption has only begun to unravel.
9. Myanmar devastated by Indian Ocean cyclone, and oppressive government refuses to allow relief.
10. Congo, Rwanda, and Dafur, Sudan – all scenes of genocide.
11. Al Qaida attack on Mumbai, India
12. Death of my cousin Richard carlson.
13. Death of friend, Jack Malan.

Personal highlights
1. Volunteer at Split Rock Lighthouse Historic Site, instead of paid interpreter.
2. Work at Spirit of Gitche Gumi B&B, Gift Shop, Espresso shop.
3. Cousin Charles Halverson’s 80th birthday party, Rice Lake, WI.
4. Trip to Door County, WI.
5. Trip to Bayfield, Madeline Island, WI.
6. Labor Day weekend and week following. 38th wedding anniversary. Kari’s 30th birthday. Photo shoots of Carlson homestead, Town of Lincoln and Amery, WI.
7. Volunteer at Minnesota History Center “Vatican Splendors” Exhibit in St. Paul.
8. Election judge at Little Marais Community Center for Lake County Unorganized Territory #1.
9. Visits with daughter Kari and friends in Chicago, May and November.
10. Getting relatively higher speed Internet service and setting up a simple LAN to serve it from desk top to laptop pc’s.
11. Social networking on Facebook, and setting up this blogspot.
12. Being invited to teach the Baha’i Faith at Marshall School, Duluth.



  1. I’m honored that I made your top 3. That’s an interesting list. It looks like Wisconsin was a recurring element this year.

  2. Dear Dave,
    Glad to see the good has overweighed 15(3 + 12) the 13 challenges you have observed in 2008. My prayers and best wishes in your family endeavors.

    I am hoping to blog regarding an issue which has been in my mind and prayers for quite a while. It is about inviting friends to Baha’i feasts(message from Universal House of Justice).

  3. How quickly time passes. I rarely look back in my handwritten journals at annual summaries like this one. When I do look back, I’m tracking down some specific memory.
    Even on facebook, I decided to go minimal on the various favorites lists. My Info tab was too long to read what I wanted friends to see.
    Blogging is really consuming too much time now at the end of January. I have some commitments to prioritize for the next couple of weeks. Can’t let go of the good priority – daily writing practice.

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