Posted by: David Carlson | November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Today is an anniversary day.
In 1968, Denise and I became engaged. We married 38 years ago.

In 1905, the most devastating of Lake Superior storms, the Mataafa Blow, wrecked 29 ships. Expand the dates to include Nov 26-28 to account for the duration of that storm. As interpreters (tour guides) at Split Rock Lighthouse Historic Site, we highlight that storm above other disasters on the Great Lakes. The loss of life from a capsized ferry at Chicago was greater. A 1913 storm on Lake Huron resulted in as great a loss of life from shipwrecks, but not as many wrecks in a single day as the Mataafa storm. Mataafa was the name of a ship that got stuck sideways trying to get through the ship canal into the Duluth Harbor.

Nov 26-29 is a recurring period of great storms on Lake Superior, including several since we bought our place at Little Marais in 1993.

Today is relatively pleasant. A vigorous line of snow squalls will pass through before Noon. The wind will not approach sustained speeds above 60 mph. Waves will not exceed 30 feet. The temperature will not drop from +60 to -13 degrees F in a few hours.



  1. i hope you’re not saying your engagement was like a wild storm!

    just kidding.

  2. I imported all my posts from blogspot to wordpress. Just now noticing comments I did not see on blogspot.
    I guess there was a disconnect between my historical remarks. Actually, a two year engagement was much too long, but we were both very young for our age.
    We did the right thing, I guess, considering that living together was all the rage in 1968. You might say the world was stormy then. We’re in another one now.

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